Mathias was born in 1989 just as the Fall of the Wall happened. It turned out to be a lucky break as he travelled throughout all of Europe while being a young child – visiting his Serbian and Finnish family, and crossing many other landscapes on the way. In the uneven pulse of the road and the mists of distance a dream was envisioned to capture these fleeting images. It was not until he as a 13-year old saw Werner Herzog’s Fata Morgana that he came to the realization that the dream had to be articulated through cinema.

Since then he has been filming, photographing and writing. He’s been admitted to Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School in England, which led him to Abbas Kiarostami’s tutorship in Spain and the study of photography with Roger Ballen in Germany. While being self-taught, he has also recently produced a series of short films during a three-year BA degree in directing at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Earlier he has studied philosophy, literature and languages.

Northern Rogue is his production camp in Stockholm.

CV can be read here